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    Kalliopi Monoyios Kalliopi Monoyios is an independent science illustrator. She has illustrated several popular science books including Neil Shubin's Your Inner Fish and The Universe Within, and Jerry Coyne's Why Evolution is True. Find her at Follow on Twitter @symbiartic.
  • Have a Heart, Kill Your Lawn


    Source: Katie McKissick’s Symbiartic post: Don’t Be a Water Jerk. Image © Katie McKissick Few things are more inviting than a flawless green turf, stretching out before you like a luscious green tumbling mat – unless, of course, that lawn is in the Southwestern United States and you are aware of the severity of the [...]

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    The Emerging Mosquito


    Image Credit: © Alex Wild Source: Recipe For A Photograph #4: The Emerging Mosquito, on Compound Eye As the weather warms and spring marches into summer, mosquito pupae are shedding their skins and emerging from stagnant pools to search for warm mammalian blood. The thought of swarms of pesky mosquitoes and the itchy red welts [...]

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    Monitoring the Many Faces of Monitors


    Artist: Darren Naish Source: Monitor musings, varanid variables, goannasaurian goings-on… it’s about monitor lizards, by Darren Naish on Tetrapod Zoology If you’re not a herpetologist, you may be of the mindset that lizards all look the same, but that would only expose you for what you are: a human primate, finely attuned to the faces [...]

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    The Lure of Light

    A leatherback turtle hatchling. (Source: Florida Fish and Wildlife)

    “A sea turtle’s life begins in darkness,” writes John R. Platt of SciAm’s Extinction Countdown blog. Buried in nests along the beach about 50 centimeters below the surface, they must first break out of their eggs before climbing and scraping their way up through the sand. When they emerge, usually during the night, they face [...]

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    Shameless Self-Inflation

    christmas island frigatebird

    The Christmas Island frigatebirds (Fregata andrewsi) know how to call attention to themselves, especially the males, which inflate bright, red gular pouches on their necks to attract females. This critically endangered species, native to Australia, is number nine on a recently released list of the world’s 100 most endangered and unique birds, published in Current [...]

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    A Mitey Claw


    If the key to happiness is appreciating the little things in life, then take a moment to appreciate the claw of a microscopic mite only 600 µm long. It’s from a new species discovered in the soil of a chestnut plantation where they use their nubbles and knobs (technically known as palettes) to “swim” through [...]

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    The 500-lb. Chicken From Hell


    Source: 500-Pound “Chicken from Hell” Dinosaur Once Roamed North America by Kate Wong at Observations Illustration credit: Mark Klingler, Carnegie Museum of Natural History Nothing you could find in any hen house could prepare you for the 11.5-foot tall, 500-lb. behemoth that roamed the landscape 66-million years ago in what is today North and South [...]

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    Tragically Beautiful

    DFA186: Hadēs by Brandon Ballengée

    Source: ScienceArt On View in March/April 2014 on Symbiartic Populations of frogs, salamanders and other amphibians are rapidly declining worldwide, and those that remain are increasingly falling victim to environmental pollutants that cause deformities such as extra limbs and ambiguous sexual organs. Brandon Ballengée’s work aims to draw attention to their plight through visually arresting [...]

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    Tiny Drifters


    Image by Richard Kirby; used with permission.   Source: A Closer Look at a Tiny, Floating Horde Richard Kirby takes stunning photographs of the tiny planktonic babies of many species of marine animals and just released a short film called Ocean Drifters, narrated by none other than Sir David Attenborough. -Katie McKissick   ________ How [...]

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    Inside Our Pets


      Last week at Symbiartic, Katie McKissick introduced us to some of our furry friends’ interiors with Beautiful on the Inside. Featuring X-rays of a dog, cat, ferret, and guinea pig, she gave us a glimpse into the inner workings of man(and woman!)’s best friends. On the above X-ray of Ziggy the guinea pig, you’ll notice some [...]

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