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The Louisville International Festival of Magic, Illusion and the Unusual


For those of you who can make it to Louisville, Kentucky on June 14-16, do not miss the Louisville Magic Festival. Through our research in magic and illusion we have seen many of the world’s top acts, and several of our favorite performers will all be at this one event. One of our all time favorites is Mac King, a headliner at Harrah’s On The Strip in Las Vegas, the king and world champion of comedy magic (who we studied in our labs). There will also be other amazing acts such as Lance Burton, Eric Mead, and Max Maven, to name just a few.







Did I mention that we’ll be giving a special lecture on Saturday, June 15 @1:30pm with special guest Danny Cole? You can bone up on the neuroscience of magic with our book first, Sleights Of Mind, or with our Scientific American, or Scientific American: Mind feature articles on magic in the brain!

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