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Cabinet of Curiosities #3:Awful Changes

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Cabinet of curiosities proudly presents…

This Week Geohistory:

  • November 15, 1835: the “RMS Beagle” arrives to Tahiti, where a geologizing Darwin tests his famous reef-evolution-theory
  • November 14, 1797: Birthday of Sir Charles Lyell, he is best known for introducing uniformitarianism in geology, however he was also interested in the enigmatic origin of Loess, a windblown sediment that Lyell however thought as deposited by rivers and in lakes
  • November 14, 1963: marks the “birthday” of the volcanic island of Surtsey
  • November 13, 1985: A series of lahars triggered by the eruption of the Nevado del Ruiz kill 22.000 people
  • November 11, 1918: World War I ends – the Great War changed landscapes and even mountains forever

This Week Geonews:

This Week Geopapers:

David Bressan About the Author: Freelance geologist dealing with quaternary outcrops interested in the history and the development of geological concepts through time. Follow on Twitter @David_Bressan.

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  1. 1. tuned 10:54 am 11/17/2013

    It is altogether wonderful that Prof. Ichy wears stylin’ coats.
    Talks funny too.

    Link to this

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