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Cabinet of Curiosities #1: All the Wonders of the Net and a Name-Contest

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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Early naturalists were obsessed with the idea to collect and to describe all the secrets of earth, many unusual and strange things were therefore displayed – for education and amusement – in “Wunderkammern” or “Cabinets of Curiosities“. Following this tradition I will try to present on a regular basis my own “online cabinet of curiosities”, where I will share links and stories related to the history of earth sciences.

As this is the first post of the (so I hope) coming series there is also a contest:

I would like to introduce you to this cute chamois (artwork by illustrator and artist Tricia Arnold and used here with permission) which I would like to use as a mascot for the blog.

As I´m searching still a name for it – if you get a good proposal let me know at <> , use in the header the tag “Chamois” and include in the e-mail body the name and maybe a short explanation or drawing* why you think the name would be fitting – by doing so you will get also a chance to win a geology-related textbook (*for some inspiration visit the making of…” post on Tricia’s Obligatory Art Blog!) – deadline for  the contest will be  November 30.

This Week Geohistory:

This Week Geonews:

The celebration of All Hallows’ Eve in this week prompted a lot of awesome geology-posts

This Week Geopapers:

You can find this links – collection also on facebook or on twitter.

David Bressan About the Author: Freelance geologist dealing with quaternary outcrops interested in the history and the development of geological concepts through time. Follow on Twitter @David_Bressan.

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American.

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  1. 1. tuned 1:04 pm 11/2/2013

    would be a nice name for the chamois,
    n’est pas?
    S’cuse me for not using personal email.

    Link to this
  2. 2. David_Bressan 10:33 am 11/3/2013

    Haha ;) Nice -let the ideas coming !!!

    Link to this
  3. 3. David_Bressan 4:00 pm 11/29/2013

    Please use an e-mail – it´s just so I can keep track of the suggestions

    Link to this

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