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#WSF11: The Invisible Language of Smell

When attending events, like scientific conferences, some people take copious notes with pen and paper. More and more people live-blog or live-tweet such events. But some people do something different – they live-draw the events. Perrin Ireland is an artist who does this – turning the words, sounds, sights and smells of the event into [...]

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Guest Blog

All about Stories: How to Tell Them, How They’re Changing, and What They Have to Do with Science

Communicating science is all about telling stories. A few days ago at the World Science Festival, a stellar panel of science journalists and writers sat down to discuss the ways in which the Web is shaping and changing how those stories are told. Moderating the "Telling Science Stories in Print and on the Web" discussion [...]

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The Bezos Scholars Program at the World Science Festival

The World Science Festival is a place where one goes to see the giants of science, many of whom are household names (at least in scientifically inclined households) like E. O. Wilson, Steven Pinker and James Watson, people on top of their game in their scientific fields, as well as science supporters in other walks [...]

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