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5 Ways to Thwart Illegal Drug Dealing Online

eBay headquarters in San Jose, California. (CoolCeasar via Flickr(

Recent reports from ABC News and the UK’s Mail on Sunday suggest eBay is providing a platform for sellers engaged in an illegal prescription drug trade. An ecommerce pioneer now ranked number 250 on the Forbes magazine rankings of the largest public companies on Earth, eBay’s corporate success doesn’t appear to translate into sufficient success [...]

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How Clinical Guidelines Can Fail Both Doctors and Patients

A physician holds a stethoscope.

Any confusion over the recent news of cholesterol guidelines in the U.S. is perfectly understandable. On the one hand, the guidelines suggest that nearly half the population should use statins to stave off heart attacks and strokes. On the other, use of the drugs is not with potential side effects and, to many, will offer [...]

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