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Hangout with Nobel Laureate Elizabeth Blackburn: Can Cells Live Forever?

Elizabeth Blackburn, winner of 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Elizabeth Blackburn of the University of California at San Francisco, who shared the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Carol Greider of Johns Hopkins University and Jack Szostak of Harvard University, was fascinated about animals and life while growing up in Tasmania. As a researcher, she started studying Tetrahymena, which lives in pond [...]

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Aging: Too Much Telomerase Can Be as Bad as Too Little

How do I knock off thirty years from my age? Faust, the protagonist in Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s famous play, poses this question to Mephistopheles in the chapter Hexenküche (Witches’ kitchen). Mephistopheles provides some pretty good advice – considering that he is the devil and this fictitious exchange takes place in the dark Middle Ages: Begib [...]

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Major Phobias Might Hasten Aging

phobias might cause premature aging

Do you get panicky in wide-open spaces? Tight, closed ones? What about in high places or—eek!—around arachnids? If these fears are frequent or debilitating, you might have a phobic anxiety. And you would not be alone—at least 8 percent of Americans have at least one. All of this psychological stress could be taking a toll [...]

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