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As Atlantis Glides to Its Final Landing, What Comes Next?

space shuttle Atlantis in Earth orbit

With all of the discussion about future U.S. efforts in human spaceflight precipitated by final flight of the space shuttle, too little attention has been given to how international cooperation might factor into that future. I guess that is appropriate, given the iconic nature of the shuttle as an exemplar of U.S. capability. But it [...]

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Guest Blog

Dad, the Apollos and the End of Space Shuttle Era Sadness

I can’t even recall a time that I wasn’t cognisant of the fact that I lived in a country that actively pioneered space exploration. I remember sitting on wicker hassock in my Dad’s study, as a child and asking lots of questions. Dad would light his pipe, lean back in his big red chair, blow [...]

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Why it scrubbed: NASA engineers troubleshoot Endeavour ‘s electrical problems

shuttle Endeavour on the launch pad

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER—When NASA scrubbed the shuttle Endeavour‘s final launch here on Friday, engineers said there was a best-case and a worst-case scenario. Well, guess what: it was the worst case. The trouble began when an electric heater for the hydraulics system failed to turn on. When engineers opened the hatch into the left aft [...]

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