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Frontiers for Young Minds

How Many Raincoats Does it Take to Model a Prison Escape? Using Models to Get Into Those Hard-to-Reach Places


New technology is developed each year that lets us measure things that are smaller, colder, faster, or farther away than ever before. But there are some things, even with all of this technology, that we just can’t measure. What if we wanted to measure a certain property in the Earth’s core? Despite what movies like [...]

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Guest Blog

Linking Erosional and Depositional Landscapes

The surface of Earth is being reshaped constantly. Mountainous uplands are broken down by water and wind producing sediment that is moved by rivers to lowlands. Some of this sediment is deposited along the way, some is delivered to the coast and continental shelf, and some makes its way to the ultimate sink, the deep [...]

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Plugged In

Still Bringing the Science Crazy in NC

So you thought the nuttiest thing we did in North Carolina this week was appoint a director of child development and early education who was against … um, early education. What’s wrong with you: have you never heard of North Carolina before? This is the NEW North Carolina, with a new governor and bulletproof majorities [...]

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Plugged In

Oil Might Be a Renewable Resource, and Other Things You Did Not Know

Or, “Thank God there’s a North Carolina.” Yep. We have a new governor, which means new secretaries of this and that. Meet John Skvarla, new secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR, to tarheels). To cut to the chase, here’s your takeaway idea: maybe oil is a renewable resource. And he doesn’t [...]

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