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Compound Eye

Stock Photography Caters to Stereotypes

Consider microstock giant iStockphoto’s perception of scientists: What is singularly disturbing about this result is that iStockphoto’s top search results aren’t determined by the company. Like any good search engine, iStockphoto’s ranking algorithm is a dynamic, organic process driven by statistics drawn from past interest in the content. The Scientist-as-Mad-Scientist,  and the lab-coat-and-blue-liquid cliché, are [...]

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You wanted to know: who are these scientists? Introducing: Kay Bidle

One of the things a lot of people want to know is just who these scientists are in the first place. So in the next few days I’m going to introduce you to some of them. We probably won’t get to everyone – there are 25 scientists on board and only 10 days left of [...]

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Guest Blog

Gone in 2013: A Tribute to 10 Remarkable Women in Science

Eleanor Adair Image

Pioneering scientists and engineers are often overlooked in popular retrospectives commemorating the year’s departed. In particular, women in such fields tend to be given short shrift. To counter this regrettable circumstance, I present here a selection of 10 notable women in science who left us in 2013. Each of these individuals contributed greatly to her [...]

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Glaxo Announcement Won’t End Biomedicine’s Conflicts of Interest

Image: Wikimedia Commons

GlaxoSmithKline broke with industry practice and announced that it will no longer pay scientists to promote its drugs, reports the New York Times. In an industry rife with conflicts of interest, this move is welcome news for consumers. It is unlikely, however, to have much effect. Entanglements between researchers and drug companies are thick. Drug [...]

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Monday Music Video: An Epic Battle between Einstein and Hawking

Einstein vs. Hawking Epic Rap Battles of History

There is a fascination with famous scientists (for example, see today’s Google doodle about Marie Curie), and they come no more iconic than Albert Einstein. His recognizability makes him a logical choice to add to a science video in order to create one that might go viral. (You might remember my post about cute animals being [...]

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