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Culturing Science

Lazy Sunday Video: An epic tour of life’s history

This is one of my favorite videos that I’ve seen on the whole of the internet. (Gasp!) Piecing together clips from dozens of science documentaries and specials overlaid with stunning music, the youtube user UppruniTegundanna starts out tracing the history of humans, integrating technological and artistic development. Then it takes a turn to beautifully visualize the [...]

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Extinction Countdown

Australians team up to help a rare marsupial after a cyclone devastates its habitat

Whenever an endangered species lives in just one location, it is at increased risk of being wiped out by a single disease, fire or catastrophic weather event. One such species, the endangered mahogany glider (Petaurus gracilis), is lucky that it wasn’t washed away when Cyclone Yasi hit its sole habitat in northern Queensland, Australia, on [...]

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Guest Blog

In Africa, Climate Change Wages War on Bodies, Not Just Lands

Dr. Kassahun Desalegn and patient

While the African Union concentrates on strategies to mitigate the devastating financial effects climate change is having on Africans, I worry instead about its impact on our bodies. As a doctor working in my native Ethiopia, I see the results of our warming planet, not just in the dry earth or the torrential skies, but [...]

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When It Comes to Solar Storms, We Don’t Even Know How Bad It Might Get

CME, solar storm, space weather, electricity

Space weather is not all bad. After all, the charged particles streaming out from the sun that cause geomagnetic disturbances on and around our planet also produce the lovely aurorae near Earth’s poles—and sometimes at much lower latitudes. But when the sun really acts up, spewing out heaps of charged particles in a burst called [...]

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