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When Physicians Relate to Some Patients, but Not All

During a conversation the other day, a classmate of mine shook me out of my afternoon inertia by casually remarking that the most memorable patients he had encountered during his third year medical rotations were the ones who, by virtue of being young, educated, and English-speaking, reminded him of himself. There was nothing truly remarkable [...]

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Guest Blog

How Clinical Guidelines Can Fail Both Doctors and Patients

A physician holds a stethoscope.

Any confusion over the recent news of cholesterol guidelines in the U.S. is perfectly understandable. On the one hand, the guidelines suggest that nearly half the population should use statins to stave off heart attacks and strokes. On the other, use of the drugs is not with potential side effects and, to many, will offer [...]

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Image of the Week

Dr. Fist-Bump


Image Credit: Ghareeb et al. (2013), Journal of Hospital Infection Source: Fist Bumps for Germophobes by Christina Agapakis on Oscillator The thought of outlawing handshakes and making fist bumps mandatory for hospital employees might strike you as rather amusing. But in studies that attempt to quantify the transfer of potential pathogens via customary greetings such [...]

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Can a Burst of UV Bust Hospital-Borne Infections?

UV light hospital-acquired infections

About 1.7 million Americans each year acquire new infections during hospital stays—and hospital-acquired infections are one of the top five causes of death overall, killing 44,000 to 98,000 people in the U.S. each year. Nasty Clostridium difficile can lurk on door handles and other surfaces, leading to severe intestinal distress; Acinetobacter can also survive in [...]

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Helicopters Save Lives for Serious Trauma Victims

medical helicopter saves lives

A medical emergency helicopter can swoop down to pick up a trauma victim and often deliver him or her to a hospital much faster than a road-bound ambulance can. So it might seem obvious that these speedy aircraft, dispatched from major medical centers with top-of-the-line personnel and equipment, are more likely to save a life [...]

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