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A Journey in Sharing Science: From the Lab to Social Media and Beyond

A few weeks ago, I was graced with an honorary doctorate in social media from Social Media University, Global. My dissertation has been wonderfully received; I have been given high accolades and several once closed opportunities have opened. I have been humbled by the response and am sincerely grateful that people have been touched by [...]

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Molecules to Medicine

H1N-What? Wading Through the Alphabet Soup of Flu Names


Muddled about all the new flu viruses? It’s hard to keep up with the changing names in the news. H1Nwhat? Bird flu. Pig flu. MERS. SARS. Here is a quick overview of this dizzying, dyslexia inducing array, with what you need to worry about, even if some aren’t yet in your backyard. Acronym soup I [...]

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New online map can forecast the location and intensity of global disease outbreaks

Ohio State, H1N1, Google

A new online global map could soon help scientists better track and predict outbreaks of infectious diseases like H1N1 much the same way meteorologists can study and forecast the weather. The "Supramap" application illustrates the spread of pathogens and key mutations across time, space and various hosts on a Google Earth map, researchers reported April [...]

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H1N1 shares key similar structures to 1918 flu, providing research avenues for better vaccines

influenza structure h1n1 swine flu 1918 spanish flu

Despite viruses’ reputation as constant shape-shifters, the recent pandemic flu (influenza A H1N1, 2009) bears an uncanny resemblance to the 1918 flu, new research has found. Two new studies, published online March 24 in Science and Science Translational Medicine, describe a small, but crucial structure that the two flu viruses share—and how that similarity might [...]

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Flu vaccine: A shortage that didn’t have to be?

The note on the receptionist’s desk at my doctor’s office was quite emphatic: there was no vaccine to give, either for the H1N1 swine flu or the seasonal variety. If I wanted to yell and scream, the note advised, I should call my congressman, rather than give the staff an earful. Several explanations can account [...]

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First H1N1 vaccines to arrive Tuesday

nasal swine flu vaccine arrive tuesday

The first doses of approved vaccines for the H1N1 "swine" flu will start trickling in across the U.S. on Tuesday. The first to arrive, 600,000 doses of MedImmune’s FluMist nasal spray, will be for healthy people ages two to 49, the Associated Press reported. "This is really just the beginning," Anne Schuchat, director of the [...]

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