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Culturing Science

Inaccuracies in fiction: when is reshaping fact appropriate?

Stories have the power to take us to other worlds, and no genre more so than science fiction and fantasy. But even the wildest fantasy novel has to have some basis in reality; otherwise, most readers become discouraged. (I mean, have you read the Silmarillion?) Science fiction constantly toes the line between fact and fiction [...]

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Culturing Science

Why scientists should read science fiction


Republished with scant edits from the previous iteration of Culturing Science on July 20, 2010. A great blog post about fiction inspiring science by Uta Frith reminded me of this old friend. Hat tip to Princess Ojiaku. I didn’t really grow up reading science fiction.  Sure, I was (and am) completely obsessed with some fantasy [...]

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Guest Blog

The Replication Myth: Shedding Light on One of Science’s Dirty Little Secrets

In a series of recent articles published in The Economist (Unreliable Research: Trouble at the Lab and Problems with Scientific Research: How Science Goes Wrong), authors warned of a growing trend in unreliable scientific research. These authors (and certainly many scientists) view this pattern as a detrimental byproduct of the cutthroat ‘publish-or-perish’ world of contemporary [...]

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