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But Not Simpler

Reweaving the Rainbow: Cicadas, Science, and Creationism


With a swarm of determined zerglings, a Brood War is currently underway on the East coast. Brood II, a cohort of slumbering cicadas, recently made their way out of the ground in the billions to outnumber the humans in their path 600 to 1 (but don’t be surprised if you don’t see any). Even more [...]

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Guest Blog

How Well Do Miss USA Contestants Represent Their States?

Last month , contestants in the Miss USA pageant were "scared to death," according to Fox News. Why were they so terrified? They feared "polarizing questions" asked in interviews taped before the pageant, including “Should evolution be taught in schools?” After the pageant, observers noted that the victor, formerly Miss California, had declared herself "a huge [...]

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Italy science council funds creationist book

italy science council creationism book evolution

After hosting a panel earlier this year to discuss supposed flaws in evolutionary theory, Italy’s science agency the National Research Council (CNR) reportedly put up thousands of dollars to help with the publication of a follow-up book, Evolutionism: The Decline of an Hypothesis. The move has vexed many scientists in the country where the Vatican [...]

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Speaking of Tax Dollars… Do You Like Yours Spent on Teaching Creationism?


After the State of the Union address last night, everyone is talking about how best to spend tax dollars. So it seems appropriate to bring this into the conversation. Slate published a critical interactive map this week showing schools that allow the teaching of creationism in their science classrooms while receiving public funding. It’s a [...]

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The Curious Wavefunction

Creationists are wrong. Science is actually concerned with the truth.

In January 1939, the physicist Luis Alvarez was sitting in a barber’s chair in Berkeley, California, reading the paper and getting a haircut. It was then that he read something astonishing; scientists in Germany had bombarded uranium with neutrons and had actually observed it splitting into two light elements, releasing further neutrons and a disturbingly [...]

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The Curious Wavefunction

Monday morning levity: Louisiana senator asks if E. coli evolve into persons

It’s a painfully familiar scene. A Louisiana state senator (Mike Walsworth) is asking a high-school science teacher about the teaching of evolution in class. He asks if there’s any direct example of evolution that can be taught in class. In response the science teacher settles on one of the most elegant and convincing experiments in [...]

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