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Food Matters

Where The Wild Things Are Growing (Part 2)


Let the wild rumpus begin! Last week, Melissa Poe offered five tips on urban foraging–small measures that incorporate wild foods into diets in ways that are realistic and sustainable. Her fifth tip, to plant your own wild foods, is a great one for so many reasons. Often, wild foods can be expensive. Growing your own [...]

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Food Matters

Where The Wild Things Are Growing (Part 1)

Noma is a portmanteau of the two Danish words “nordisk” (Nordic) and “mad” (food) and its food is just that--all the dishes served are created using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.

With its popularity growing in urban areas, foraging for wild foods has started to look more Portlandia than primitive. The practice hasn’t always been viewed favorably; many prominent thinkers such as Thomas Hobbes viewed it as brutish, a sentiment later echoed in colonialist discourses. In more recent years, perception of foragers has been reconsidered and [...]

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