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Anthropology in Practice

Editor’s Selections: Grave Goods, Mother-Fetus Burials, Taste, Ornaments, Hallucinations, And Fig Cakes

Featured in my column this week: At Bones Don’t Lie, Katy Meyers discusses what we can learn from grave goods. Kristina Killgrove examines biological and cultural processes of childbirth via the lens of mother-fetus burials at Powered By Osteons. Can the ways we eat influence our ability to taste? Possibly. At Inkfish, Elizabeth Preston discusses the independent evolution of taste (or lack [...]

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Food Matters

Friday Happy Hour #3: Pumpkin Beer, Flavor Generation and Brewing Adjuncts

For your consideration: 4 wonderful pumpkin ales.

I’m doing a monthly series here at Food Matters that I’m calling “Friday* Happy Hour,” in which I’ll delve into the science of alcohol production. I was really excited about this month’s Happy Hour. I’m a huge fan of pumpkin beers, and there are so many to chose from. I’ve been saving a bottle from [...]

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Food Matters

Pitch/Fork: The Relationship Between Sound And Taste


Sometimes a toffee sounds really good–not just the suggestion of it, but the actual toffee itself. That’s according to a study that found altering the pitch and type of instruments used in an accompanying soundtrack can modify the way food tastes. The experiment was conducted using background music that was developed based on previous research [...]

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Food Matters

Introducing: The Food Matters Crew

Credit: Kathleen Raven

Do you ever wonder about the science behind your food? We do, too. Our group of writers serves up juicy topics like genetic engineering, gut bacteria and the chemical reactions that occur during cooking. Together, we’ll peer inside factory farms, dark jungles, cafeterias, laboratories and those trendy molecular gastronomy spots. Grab a bite, and sit [...]

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MIND Guest Blog

Looks Can Taste Deceiving: How Color Can Affect Taste

Is it possible that our vision can affect our taste perception? Let’s review some examples of studies that claim to have demonstrated that sometimes what we see can override what we think we taste. From wine to cheese to soft drinks and more it seems that by playing with the color palette of food one [...]

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Cultured Beef: Do We Really Need a $380,000 Burger Grown in Petri Dishes?


For the first time, the public has been treated to the spectacle of lab-grown meat cooked and eaten via live Webcast. Backed by Google billionaire Sergey Brin, Dutch tissue engineer Mark Post unveiled his “cultured beef” at a press event on August 5, answering the question posed by a 2011 Scientific American feature: “When Will [...]

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