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How Alcohol Makes A Flakier Pie Crust: The “Proof” Is In The Pie


Happy 3.14, a day some are celebrating using proofs with pi but I’m opting to observe it instead with proofs in pie–80 proof to be exact. There’s a whole science to pie crust and the secret to making a good one lies in achieving the right ratio of flour, liquid and fat. Variation in type [...]

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Food Matters

Pumpkin, hold the spice

Image courtesy of Pam Ronald / UC-Davis

Feel that chill in the air? Must be Fall, and with the change in seasons comes the latest food craze: pumpkin spice. Now, I’m hardly the first person to notice this. The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Salon have all recently weighed in on the growing flavor mania.* Alas, most pieces set [...]

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