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Food Matters

Fear, Uncertainty and Bias, a Year after the Boston Marathon Bombing

I’m signed up for this social network analytic tool called “ThinkUp,” and one of the things it does is to remind you what you were talking about a year ago on the same day. Last week, this is what appeared on my dashboard: A few days later: If you’re an American, I probably don’t have [...]

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Food Matters

Brief Musical Interlude (Or, Bias)

The album cover (I took that photo!)

Let’s talk about bias for a minute. My fiancée, Rachel Rynick, just released her first album, and I think it’s awesome. Of course, my opinion on this matter can’t really be trusted. First, I would likely say this even if I didn’t believe it. Second, even though we haven’t combined our finances, her success obviously [...]

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