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Fear, Uncertainty and Bias, a Year after the Boston Marathon Bombing

I’m signed up for this social network analytic tool called “ThinkUp,” and one of the things it does is to remind you what you were talking about a year ago on the same day. Last week, this is what appeared on my dashboard: A few days later: If you’re an American, I probably don’t have [...]

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New York City Marathon Runs Anyway

The 2012 New York City Marathon may not be televised, but it is being organized on an unofficial basis by men and women who have banded together to run anyway. The official race was belatedly cancelled on Friday in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Teams from Canada, Germany, and Switzerland (identifiable because they carried their [...]

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Ultra Marathons Might Be Ultra Bad for Your Heart

extreme endurance exercise heart

If getting some exercise is good for you and getting lots is even better, then hours upon hours of intense exercise must be best, right? Perhaps not. Many people feel obligated to hit the gym or the trail every now and then to help keep off the extra pounds. But people who run ultra marathons [...]

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Marathon organizers turn to electronic health records

marathon, Detroit, healthcare

Researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit are studying injury-related and other information gathered electronically from last year’s Detroit Free Press Marathon in preparation for this year’s race in October. The goal of the race’s organizers is to better position medical staff and other services that help runners along the 26.2-mile route. The experiment also [...]

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