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Food Matters

Into Thin Air: Weight Loss At High Altitudes


In addition to a lack of oxygen, there may be another reason it’s called thin air–researchers have been exploring the relationship between weight loss and high altitudes. Last year, a study published in the International Journal of Obesity found a strong association between altitude and obesity prevalence within the United States. Using data for over [...]

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Illusion Chasers

A New Molecular Brain Pathway May Cause Obesity

Researchers found that the molecular machine that produces a specific type of neuronal cellular membrane lipid, called glycosylceramide synthase, is critical for proper function of leptin receptors in arcuate nucleus neurons. The discovery opens a new potential therapeutic pathway to explore in the search for an obesity cure.

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Global High Fructose Corn Syrup Use May Be Fueling Diabetes Increase

high fructose corn syrup global diabetes

It doesn’t matter where you look: the U.S., Mexico, Malaysia or Portugal, the more high fructose corn syrup consumption, on average, the more diabetes. A new study of 43 countries in Global Public Health, published online November 27, found that adult type-2 diabetes is 20 percent higher in countries that consume large quantities of high [...]

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Lasker Award goes to researchers who helped link obesity and genetics

lasker award for medical research

Two favorites for a Nobel Prize this year have picked up the 2010 Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award—the so-called "American Nobel"—an honor that often precedes the winning of an actual Nobel. Douglas Coleman, of Jackson Laboratory, and Jeffrey Friedman, of Rockefeller University, discovered the hormone leptin, which plays an important role in the regulation [...]

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