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Going gluten-free? Things to consider, part 2: Fiber

Fibres examples

Earlier this week, I started a series of posts about what people should consider when they embark on a gluten-free diet for reasons other than celiac disease, such to alleviate symptoms of a gluten sensitivity. My first post was on folate, an important B vitamin that appears to be less prevalent in gluten-free grain products [...]

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Food Matters

Going gluten-free? Things to consider, part 1: Folate

Cereal Flakes

Last spring, I wrote a blog post for Scientific American’s guest blog about gluten sensitivity, a condition in which patients without celiac disease exhibit symptoms, such as bloating or fatigue, that improve with a gluten-free diet. Much controversy still exists in the media over whether non-celiacs should follow a gluten-free diet. Experts often note that [...]

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Food Matters

The other selfie: a single case study experiment on “clean eating”

Bean varieties for sale at a New York City greenmarket.

Since I began routinely reading Scientific American comments online and in the magazine’s letters to the editor, I’ve encountered a recurring theme: Readers lament that the celebrated publication isn’t as scientific as it once was in the fifties or the nineties (depending on who is writing). Complaints pile up. Teeth gnash. But no disgruntled reader, [...]

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