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Food Matters

Preventing food allergies: Finding the why behind the when

nut free stamp

Nearly four out of every 100 children in the U.S. have a food allergy, according to CDC data from 2007. Avoiding common food allergens, such as peanuts, eggs, tree nuts and fish, for the first few years of life was the prescription for prevention for many years, but in 2008 the American Academy of Pediatrics [...]

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Food Matters

When Food Becomes Foe

Nut Allergy Warning

I’ve devoted several past blogs to gluten sensitivity, but people report trouble with a variety of different food ingredients – from soy to seafood. The trouble seems to differ though. Some people must avoid peanuts due to severe, life-threatening reactions. But others have gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms, ranging from bloating to throwing up, that seem to [...]

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