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Anthropology in Practice

The Cost of Healthy Eating

S has taken the lead in preparing our weeknight meals. It helps us get dinner on the table earlier but he’s also interested in helping us eat more healthfully. He’s invested a great deal of time into learning about healthy food options and healthy substitutes for the richer foods he enjoys. Our daily menu has [...]

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Food Matters

Why being impulsive might put you at risk for food addiction

Dictionary Series - Health: addiction

An impulsive personality has long been associated with addiction to alcohol and drugs. Impulsive people are more likely to act rashly when they are feeling bad, for example, making them more likely to use drugs or alcohol when they experience a low. Now, psychologists think impulsivity may lead to another problematic behavior – addictive eating. [...]

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Food Matters

Merging heavy and healthy: The football player diet

UGA football players cook up some vegetables at last summer’s grill-off. Photo courtesy of UGA Sports Nutrition Department, UGA Athletic Association.

Defensive linemen crouched on the football field is a familiar sight this time of year, their hulking bodies forming a barrier between the rival team’s quarterback and a touchdown.  Serving as a human blockade means linemen often weigh in near 300 pounds, with a daily caloric intake that can reach 6000 calories. I tracked down [...]

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Does My BMI Make Me Look Fat?


Not all fat people are metabolically equal. And a simple number like the body mass index (or BMI) does not take that key fact into account. A growing number of studies over the past few years have made the pitfalls of relying solely on the BMI to make health predictions increasingly clear. The latest—and in [...]

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