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Brief Musical Interlude (Or, Bias)


The album cover (I took that photo!)

Let's talk about bias for a minute. My fiancée, Rachel Rynick, just released her first album, and I think it's awesome. Of course, my opinion on this matter can't really be trusted. First, I would likely say this even if I didn't believe it. Second, even though we haven't combined our finances, her success obviously redounds to my benefit. So how would you evaluate whether my statement was correct?

Well, you could listen for yourself (the whole album is streaming on her website, spotify and google play, and you can buy it from the website, iTunes, Amazon etc). My personal favorite is "When I Fall," (but again, you should probably listen yourself just to make sure I'm not lying).

Alternatively, if you live in the Boston area, you could come see her live at Davis Square Theater tomorrow night, where you'll also see Dan Blakeslee, Petrina Foley and Liz Grant.

At some point, I'll likely write about bias and how to evaluate truth claims more in depth, but I really just wanted to plug my partner. She really is something, as I'm sure you'll find out for yourself.

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