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Attn Boston Area Readers: Milk as Medicine – Free Science Lectures


One of my favorite parts of graduate school was participating in an outreach-oriented organization called Science in the News. SITN (as we lovingly call it) has a number of great outreach arms, including regular articles about current science topics written by grad students called Signal to Noise (fomerly The Flash), hands-on events like the model organism zoo at the Cambridge Science Festival (where kids get to see zebra fish, fruit flies, nematodes, and other organisms that scientists use in the lab), and informal science lectures in bars called "Science by the Pint."

But the signature outreach effort of SITN is the lecture series, which puts grad students in front of an audience to discuss their research (or research that excites them) in front of an audience of regular folks. This year's Spring Seminar Series starts tomorrow, and it's on a topic that readers of this blog should enjoy, "Human Milk as Medicine":


April 23rd at 7:00pm - Human Milk as Medicine

If you're in the Boston area, head on over to Harvard Square on Wednesday night, or if you can't make it, check out the live stream. If you do make it, say hello, I'll definitely be there!

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