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Extinction Countdown

Climate Change versus Groundhogs: Even Common Species Will Suffer


A warming world will present Punxsutawney Phil and his cousins with a host of new challenges, possibly enough to put some species at risk of extinction. According to research published last month in the journal Natural Science, climate change will bring temporary benefits to several of the world’s 15 marmot species (including the groundhog), but [...]

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Extinction Countdown

Marmot meltdown averted: Vancouver Island species on the brink of extinction regaining social bonds

Vancouver Island marmot

Biologists in Canada are encouraged that critically endangered Vancouver Island marmots (Marmota vancouverensis) are once again learning how to be marmots—a tough task since the species’s population had crashed so far that the animals almost lost the knowledge of how to exist as a society. In a classic example of what is known as the [...]

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