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Extinction Countdown

Massive Ivory Burn in Gabon Sends Message to Elephant Poachers

gabon ivory stockpile burn

Ivory to ashes, tusks to dust…. Nearly 5,000 kilograms of elephant tusks and ivory carvings went up in flames on Wednesday in the west African nation of Gabon, sending a powerful message to the international community that poaching and wildlife crime will no longer be tolerated in that country. “Gabon has a policy of zero [...]

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Extinction Countdown

England Tries Wire and Mesh “Bat Bridges” to Save Endangered Species

The U.K. Highways Agency plans to build a series of new “bat bridges” to help endangered bats fly across the busy A11 highway near Norfolk in eastern England without being killed by cars and trucks, but even though measures to protect bats from projects like this are required by law some politicians are balking at [...]

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Plugged In

Electric Sky, Traffic Light Design, and Other Reasons for Paying Attention

The world is trying to remind you to keep your eyes open, to take nothing for granted. Don’t ignore the quotidian: look there for breakthroughs. Consider the electric sky created by a German electric engineering firm to mimic the changing cloudscape of life under the real blue sky. The idea is to improve workers’ senses [...]

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