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Extinction Countdown

Lion Tamarins versus Climate Change

golden lion tamarin

Ecologically speaking, humans maintain a pretty broad niche. We can adapt to live just about anywhere. Most other species aren’t that lucky. Take the four species of lion tamarins, for example. These small, endangered monkeys of the genus Leontopithecus rely on very narrow niches of habitat in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, areas that already face [...]

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Not bad science

Who’s the daddy? Why do tamarins raise offspring that aren’t theirs?

When it comes to mating, males rarely cooperate. In most species males compete for females, through roaring, head-banging, or even eye-length comparison. However, this is not the case for Geoffroy’s tamarin. In these tamarins, the females mate with all the males in her group that are not related to her. This is called polyandry (the [...]

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