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Extinction Countdown

20 die in air disaster after smuggled crocodile escapes on a plane


Wildlife smugglers will do just about anything for a quick buck, including sneaking a live predator onto an airplane with no regard for the risk to the animal or fellow passengers. This illegal activity reached a devastating and absurdist extreme recently when a man reportedly smuggled a live crocodile onto a plane departing from the [...]

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Extinction Countdown

Baby tuatara, a rare reptile, found on New Zealand mainland

Oh, baby. The discovery of a one-month-old tuatara, a rare reptile descended from lizard-like dinosaurs, has conservationists in New Zealand celebrating. The critter is the first baby tuatara to be spotted on the mainland there in two centuries, since zoologists released 200 adults inside the Kaori Wildlife Sanctuary beginning four years ago in the hope [...]

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Crocodile relative might have chewed like a mammal

crocodile relative that might have chewed like a mammal

Modern crocodiles might have sharp, flesh-tearing teeth, but they cannot chew like us humans. In fact, mammals have cornered the market on mastication, leaving other life-forms to simply shred their food before ingesting it. But a newly described Cretaceous crocodile relative (Pakasuchus kapilimai) seems to have been trying out a little chewing itself. Whereas surviving [...]

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Were some gigantic Jurassic sea creatures warm-blooded?

fossilized tooth from extinct marine mammal reveals with oxygen isotope whether they were cold blooded

In ancient Mesozoic seas, the biggest predators might not have been entirely cold-blooded killers. Rather, a new study suggests some of these rapacious reptiles might have been able to regulate their own body temperature, thereby expanding their hunting ranges.  Some modern aquatic reptiles, including leatherback turtles, as well as some sharks and tuna are able [...]

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Running Ponies

Colourful Lizards Reveal the Pros and Cons of Being a Hideous ‘Bearded Lady’


When it comes to human ‘bearded ladies’ – named for a condition known as hirsutism, which causes them to grow an excessive amount of bodily hair – you’re going to have a tough time coming up with enough pros to match the cons. But if you’re a bearded lady lizard, you just might have some aces up [...]

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