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Extinction Countdown

Rabbit season? Duck season? In Florida, it’s time to hunt pythons

Florida has set March 8 through April 17 as a special python-hunting season in an attempt to control several species of invasive reptiles, which are wreaking havoc on the south Florida ecosystem. Species to be targeted include Indian and Burmese pythons (Python molurus and P.m. bivittatus ), African rock pythons (P. sebae ), green anacondas [...]

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Extinction Countdown

Endangered Indian python targets equally endangered Chinese deer

In China’s Datian Nature Reserve, an endangered subspecies of Eld’s deer (Cervus eldi hainanus) and an equally endangered subspecies of Indian python (Python melurus Schlegel) are supposed to live in symbiotic harmony. It seems that’s no longer the case, according to the Xinhua News Agency. Under normal conditions, the pythons eat rodents and other animals [...]

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Snake vs. Croc in Real and Hyper-Real Versions


When illustrators embark upon a new illustration, hours of research and work go into constructing a scene that is believable, powerful, and informative. In 2009, when James Gurney was tasked with reconstructing Titanoboa, the largest snake that ever lived, his first priority was conveying the sheer size of a 48-foot long, 2500-lb. beast. Ultimately, he [...]

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