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Extinction Countdown

New Zealand Farmer Helps Save Rare Penguin from Extinction

white-flippered penguin

One of the world’s smallest penguins has nearly doubled the size of its population in the past decade and much of the credit is due to the farmer who owns the land where many of the penguins breed. White-flippered penguins (Eudyptula albosignata), also known as korora, are endemic to the Canterbury region of New Zealand, [...]

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Extinction Countdown

Controversial Toronto Zoo Penguins Not Gay after All?

toronto zoo penguins

What a difference a year makes. Last November, two male African penguins (Spheniscus demersus) living at the Toronto Zoo made worldwide headlines after they took more interest in each other than in members of the opposite sex. Considering the penguins—Pedro and Buddy—were brought to the zoo for breeding purposes, it posed quite the conundrum for [...]

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Extinction Countdown

Fishing Nets, Climate Change Threaten Yellow-Eyed Penguins in New Zealand

yellow-eyed penguin

It has been a rough few decades for endangered yellow-eyed penguins (Megadyptes antipodes). The species can only be found along a small portion of the southeastern coast of New Zealand’s South Island, the nearby Auckland Islands, and the isles of Campbell, Stewart and Codfish. Their total population numbered nearly 7,000 birds just 30 years ago [...]

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Extinction Countdown

Penguin personalizer: Software that allows recognition of individual birds could aid in conservation

a computer vision system

"They all look alike to me" is no longer an excuse when studying penguins. The same facial recognition software that helps Homeland Security identify terrorists could one day be used to identify individual penguins and monitor their populations, thereby aiding in their conservation. Traditionally, tracking individual penguins—which is important for monitoring population dynamics, understanding migratory [...]

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Penguins colonized Africa. Thrice.

The Blackfooted Penguin is the only African penguin.

The history of penguins in Africa is a history of false starts. The first penguin pioneers that settled Africa millions of years ago all went extinct. But the penguins didn’t give up. They came back, swept there by ocean currents, and repopulated the African coasts. That’s what the palaeontologists Daniel Ksepka and Daniel Thomas conclude [...]

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