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Extinction Countdown

Tiny Ohio Catfish Species, Last Seen in 1957, Declared Extinct

scioto madtom

Here’s the thing about extinctions: They are very rarely witnessed. The last members of a species in the wild tend to go quietly into the night with no one to witness their deaths. All too often, humans don’t even notice that a species has disappeared until years—if not decades—after the fact. Even then, conservationists tend [...]

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Extinction Countdown

Ohio Animal Tragedy Calls Attention to Loopholes in U.S. Captive Wildlife Laws

This week’s release and death of more than 50 so-called “exotic” animals near Zanesville, Ohio, is a tragic reminder that the laws protecting wildlife in the U.S. are full of loopholes that endanger not only the animals themselves but also people. One of those loopholes could actually be closed soon. Last month, the U.S. Fish [...]

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