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Extinction Countdown

Tiny, Critically Endangered and Controversial Nevada Fish Experiences Dramatic Population Increase

moapa dace

First the good news: The world’s only population of the critically endangered Moapa dace (Moapa coriacea), a tiny fish endemic to the hot springs along a small stretch of Nevada’s Muddy River, has boomed this year. After a strange and still unexplained die-off in 2007 lowered the species’ population from 1,200 to 473 fish, its [...]

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Extinction Countdown

Close call for endangered moapa dace as fire destroys only habitat

moapa dace fish

A massive 245-hectare fire near the town of Moapa, Nev., did $2.5 million worth of property damage in July and destroyed the Warm Springs Oasis, home to the little-known moapa dace (Moapa coriacea), an endangered fish that lives in the springs. But despite fears to the contrary, the fish were able to get out alive, [...]

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Extinction Countdown

Drop in endangered moapa dace populations subject of potential lawsuit

Moapa dace (Moapa coriacea) live in just a few warm springs in Nevada. For more than 40 years, this tiny fish have been protected under the Endangered Species Act. But despite efforts by the staff at the 106-acre Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge, moapa dace populations have been on a roller coaster for the past [...]

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