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Extinction Countdown

Endangered Falcon Lives Fast, Dies Young in Response to Habitat Loss

mauritius kestrel

Few species have undergone as spectacular a recovery as the Mauritius kestrel (Falco punctatus). Forty years ago the birds were nearly extinct, with only four of the small falcons remaining in the wild. But intense conservation efforts over the ensuing decades paid off. By 1994 the population had grown to a few hundred birds, enough [...]

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Extinction Countdown

Recently Discovered Lizard Species Down to 3 Remaining Females

What lizard species has been wiped out in its natural habitat and now depends on three breeding females breeding in captivity for its long-term survival? Oh wait, I can’t quite answer that, because the species has no official name. For now it’s being called the orange-tailed skink. It was only discovered in 1995 and to [...]

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