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Extinction Countdown

Manumea Found: Strange Bird Seen Breeding for the First Time in a Decade

manumea tooth-billed-pigeon

When a rare species is seen and photographed for the first time in a decade, it tends to be cause for celebration. When that sighting is of a juvenile, indicating that the rare species is breeding…well then, it might be time to break out the champagne. Despite its status as the national bird of Samoa, [...]

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Extinction Countdown

Soon the Only Place to See This Nearly Extinct Bird May Be on Samoan Currency

samoa manumea sq

Science has a fairly bland name for the national bird of Samoa: the tooth-billed pigeon (Didunculus strigirostris). The bird’s name in the Samoan language, however, is much more colorful: manumea. Samoan currency is also quite colorful and features an image of the manumea on both the 50 sene coin and the 20 tālā banknote: Unfortunately, [...]

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