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Extinction Countdown

Solar-Powered Transmitters Reveal Secrets of Endangered “Little Devil” Seabirds

black-capped petrel

How do you gather information about a bird species that spends 99 percent or more of its time at sea? Until recently, there wasn’t an easy answer. But now scientists who are working to conserve the endangered black-capped petrel (Pterodroma hasitata) have come up with an innovative technique to improve our understanding of the rare [...]

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Extinction Countdown

Good Dads Help Rare Haitian Frogs Breed in Captivity

La Hotte land frog

It requires a great deal of patience and more than a few days to get to the few remaining habitats of the La Hotte land frog (Eleutherodactylus bakeri) in Haiti. First you rent a pickup truck in Port-au-Prince. Then you drive 11 hours west down the Tiburon Peninsula. At one point the road passes through [...]

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Paul Farmer’s Prescription for Restoring Health in Haiti–and Beyond

Paul Farmer

PHILADELPHIA—Paul Farmer is used to uphill battles. After decades working to fight HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in impoverished areas of Haiti, the seemingly tireless doctor and anthropologist is now struggling to reassemble a health strategy for the country after last year’s earthquake and subsequent cholera outbreak. For Farmer, co-founder of the nonprofit organization Partners In Health [...]

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