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Extinction Countdown

Beautiful but Rarely Seen Cat Species Photographed in Borneo [Video]

bay cat

Every once in a while, scientists working in some remote corner of the globe catch sight of a creature so rare, so elusive and so amazing that you just need to sit up and say “whoa.” This is one of those times. The little-known and rarely studied bay cat (Pardofelis badia) of Borneo has only [...]

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Extinction Countdown

The 6 Most Endangered Feline Species

Iberian lynx

Poaching, habitat loss, inbreeding and hybridization. These are just a few of the threats faced by many wild feline species around the globe. Here are six of the world’s most endangered feline species and subspecies—some of which may not survive into the next century. 1. Amur leopards Let’s start with the good news: The population [...]

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