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Extinction Countdown

News from the Brink: Good News for Tasmanian Devils, Puerto Rican Parrots and Southern Right Whales

Not every story about endangered species is horrible. Sometimes there’s some good news mixed in with the bad. Although none of these stories is worth dancing in the streets over, each nonetheless merits at least a little bit of celebration. Tasmanian devil DNA Scientist from Penn State University and other institutions have completed sequencing the [...]

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Extinction Countdown

France faces E.U. lawsuit for failing to protect endangered hamster

How do you save an endangered species when there is no political will to save it? How about a lawsuit? The European Union’s (E.U.) executive body, the European Commission (E.C.), has told France that it could face a lawsuit if it doesn’t finally take action to protect the last few European hamsters (Cricetus cricetus) in [...]

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