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Glowing Futures

Ow et al. Science, 1986.

Back in 2010 I was a teaching fellow for a group of undergraduates competing in the International Genetically Engineered Machines competition (iGEM) with a project on “personalized” genetic engineering of plants. We designed genetic modifications that would alter flavor, color, vitamin production, and the presence of allergens, so that a gardener could customize seeds to [...]

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Build a Bricks & Mortar SciArt Gallery – right now!


Science-artist creator and connoisseur Hayley Gillespie is chasing down a goal that until now I’ve only daydreamed about: she and the rest of her crew at Art.Science.Gallery are attempting to make a real, bricks & mortar science-art gallery come true!  And there’s less than 24 hours left to do it! * Some of the prizes are gorgeous, [...]

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Bacteriography – SciArt needs a Kickstart to Escape the Lab


Bringing sciart to the public isn’t always an easy task – and the growing (culturing, har har) field of bioart is some of the toughest art to showcase of all. It’s harder than hanging a painting without using nails, as many contemporary galleries insist, leading to those dangling chains from ceiling braces. Bioart, the field [...]

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Ultimate Croc Anatomy!

What does ambition look like in a scientific illustrator? Ultimate Croc Anatomy!   If you are following the #sciart hashtag on Twitter or belong to the GNSI sciart listserv you already know Mieke Roth is an accomplished scientific illustrator. Recently,she was featured in MAKE Magazine for her 3D render of the anatomy of an octopus, [...]

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