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Plugged In

Solar Suitcases meet Fish with Human-Looking Teeth – Best of the Blogs, 3rd edition

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The latest Scientific American “Best of the Blogs” video is now available online and featured blog posts from March 2013. Included are short videos highlighting topics that range from gluten intolerance to fish with human-looking teeth. And, starting at 4:28,  one can find a section on Plugged In’s article “Saving Lives with a Solar Suitcase.” [...]

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Streams of Consciousness

Benefits of Online Attraction: The Movie

Courtesy of Katsunojiri via Flickr.

Biologist Carin Bondar features my blog, “Meeting Your Spouse Online May Lead to a Better Marriage,” (and me!) in her video compilation of Scientific American blog network hits for the month of June. In her series, “The Headlines Have It!–Best of the Blogs,” Bondar also showcases blogger Felicity Muth chatting about her post, “Are Pigs [...]

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