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Project Superhero: Using Pop Culture to Inspire Kids’ Interest in Science

Jesse as Batgirl. (Illustration: Kris Pearn)

In my pop-sci writing, mainly here, at Psychology Today, and in the books Becoming Batman and Inventing Iron Man, I use superheroes as foils for communicating science. I have encouraged other scientists to pursue similar approaches in articles such as “From Claude Bernard to the Batcave and Beyond: Using Batman as a hook for physiology [...]

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Image of the Week

Team SciTweeps in Lego-Form


Credit: Maia Weinstock Source: Oceanographer Sylvia Earle is a Glamour Woman of the Year by Maia Weinstock on Voices In her post about oceanographer Sylvia Earle getting recognized this month by Glamour magazine for her contributions to science and society, Maia Weinstock included this picture of a custom Lego figurine of Dr. Earle scuba diving. [...]

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Avenging Feathered Dinosaurs


Cover art to Avengers #12. Art by Dustin Weaver, colours by Justin Ponsor. Avengers © Marvel Comics. Comic books, contrary to popular belief do not ignore science to come up with the fantastic abilities characters have. They extrapolate, exaggerate and play make-believe with science, but this stems from scientific literacy. This cover by Dustin Weaver [...]

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