Dog Spies

Dog Spies

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Video Blogging: How Do Dogs Experience Time?


As we enter the final weekend of summer, maybe you and your dog are going to spend the weekend gallivanting in nature. That’s what I’ll be doing at Camp Unleashed in the Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts, where I’m giving a talk on Saturday night.

But maybe you'll be leaving your dog behind this weekend, and when you return, you might wonder, “Does my dog know how long I’ve been gone?”

At this year's World Science Festival in NYC, Alexandra Horowitz, author of Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell and Know, gave a 10-minute talk offering a theory of what time could be like for dogs. As an added bonus, Alan Alda hosted the segment. Click here for the talk which begins at minute 24. Enjoy!

Image: Back to the Future, of course!

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