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Dog Spies

Only You Can Prevent Sniffing of Guide Dogs’ Butts


I am not a manners minder. If food falls on the floor, I abide by the 5 second rule and then tack on another 30 seconds. Do forks, spoons and knives have a special place at the dinner table? Beats me. But when it comes to guide dogs, I am the biggest manners minder out [...]

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Dog Spies

Would Your Dog Make a Good Cadaver Detection Dog?


Sitting on the couch, with your dog curled up by your side looking ever-so-peaceful, maybe you’ve been overcome by the thought, “Gosh, wouldn’t Banjo make the most perfect therapy dog!?” Unfortunately, there’s a lot more to being a therapy dog than many realize, reminds certified applied animal behaviorist Patricia McConnell in a recent article for [...]

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