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Dog Spies

It’s Not You It’s Me: If a Dog Won’t Play With You, It Could Be Your Fault


You’ve probably heard the expression, Life Is Short: Play With A Dog. “Okay!” you think. “I’ll do it!” After all, dogs play together until they are gray in the face. Dogs also play with people, although that’s not always a given. Have you ever tried to play with a dog and it just doesn’t work? [...]

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Dog Spies

Should Pets Be Given As Gifts?


Growing up, I assumed that ‘A Pet Is Not a Gift’ was just another Golden Rule. If you had pressed young, animal-loving Julie and asked, “Well, why, Julie? Why shouldn’t a pet be a gift?” I might have responded, “Well, uhm maybe the person doesn’t really want that pet. Maybe a pet that is selected [...]

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Dog Spies

The data is in: Adopt this dog

Erica Feuerbacher smiles when she talks, and why shouldn’t she? As a doctoral candidate at the University of Florida with the Canine Cognition and Behavior Lab, she spends a lot of time with dogs (or at least dogs in the form of data). Through her research, she meets many, many, many dogs, some of whom [...]

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