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Dog Spies

Pulp Fiction Gangster Gets Dogs


Pulp Fiction gangster Jules Winnfield is right. “A dog’s got personality, and personality goes a long way.” Cross-species animal behavior studies confirm Winnfield’s statement (although he’s wrong about pigs: pigs have personality, too). Humans aren’t the only ones with ‘personalities,’ that is, usual patterns of behavior or characteristics that are relatively stable over time and [...]

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Dog Spies

You’re Invited to a Canine Science Conference (WITH TICKET GIVEAWAY)


If you think I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, Thank You! That means you stopped by Dog Spies in May 2013 and read a post with the same title. But that was #SPARCS2013, and this is #SPARCS2014; same concepts, different location, topics and speakers. During this year’s 3-day event, June 20-22, leading canine [...]

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