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Dog Spies

Do You Know a Fat Dog When You See One?


We’ve all met dogs with a small head and large body who bear a striking resemblance to the people with shrunken heads from the movie Beetlejuice. Some dogs naturally come with this particular head-to-body ratio, but for others, it’s often man-made. Yes. Some dogs are overweight. Peter Sandøe, professor of bioethics at the University of [...]

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Dog Spies

Dogs in Pantyhose


Until recently, the only association I made between dogs and pantyhose would have involved an unfortunate trip to the vet. Of the inanimate objects pulled from pets’ gastrointestinal tracts — from drywall and hearing aids to corn cobs and toy cars — pantyhose, and their cousins, socks and underwear, top the list. But last week, [...]

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