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Dog Spies

Is Dog Training Scientific?


Dog owners seem pleased when they meet me because they can talk about their dog with someone who is truly interested. Sometimes they share intricate descriptions about something interesting that their dog does (often followed with the question, “Why does she do that?”), and other times, owners have a question like, “How do I get [...]

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Dog Spies

You’re Invited to a Canine Science Conference (WITH TICKET GIVEAWAY)


If you think I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, Thank You! That means you stopped by Dog Spies in May 2013 and read a post with the same title. But that was #SPARCS2013, and this is #SPARCS2014; same concepts, different location, topics and speakers. During this year’s 3-day event, June 20-22, leading canine [...]

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Dog Spies

How to decrease head cocking: Watch a dog behavior & cognition conference today

Nick Aldwin dog spies head cocked Square

When I tell someone that I study dog behavior and cognition, the usual response is a cocked head and a smile ranging from incredibly wide and excited to incredibly confused and unsure. They heard the word dog, and (unless they are someone like Farhad Manjoo of Slate) they would love to talk about dogs, and [...]

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