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Culturing Science

The Evolution of Grief, Both Biological and Cultural, in the 21st Century


Three months ago, I received an email informing me that a high school friend, Pat, had died. I read his obituary and my body stopped functioning. I froze on the spot, limbs tense but trembling. My mouth went dry, my vision blurred. As I waited for my train in the packed station, I could barely [...]

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Dog Spies

3 Ways Dogs Have Been ‘Consciously Uncoupling’ Way Before Gwyneth


Some people get divorced. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin ‘consciously uncouple.’ Fine. I don’t know exactly what that means (and neither do you), but here’s my take on how dogs have been ‘consciously uncoupling’ way before Gwyneth and Chris even met: 1) Butt Sniffing Humans greet with handshakes and hugs, while dogs greet with head-to-head [...]

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Molecules to Medicine

Yahrzeit – Reflections on Dan Markingson’s Legacy

Angel of Grief

This research ethics series uses the story of Dan Markingson’s participation in a clinical trial of anti-psychotic drugs at the University of Minnesota, his suicide 2004 while participating on the study, and subsequent events as a case study in which to explore various aspects of clinical trial conduct. In previous posts, I’ve looked at issues [...]

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