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Dog Spies

How’s Your Dog’s Quality of Life?

Paris Hilton Dog_Dog Spies

Boulder, CO better count its chickens and get its ducks in a row because the Animal Behavior Society is on its way! That’s right. This weekend, I’m off to the 50th Annual Conference of the Animal Behavior Society in Boulder, CO (Twitter/Facebook). This 5-day conference features inquiry into animal behavior in the broadest sense and [...]

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Not bad science

Meeting the locals: science outreach at the Animal Behavior Society conference

After the Animal Behavior Society conference in Boulder, Colorado, me and some other postdocs and PhD students spent a morning demonstrating various aspects of science to the public. After four days of listening to science and talking about science with scientists, it felt refreshing to be able to share some of our enthusiasm with non-scientists. [...]

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Not bad science

A trip to the Animal Behaviour Society conference in Colorado

ABS Boulder Logo

Last week I went to the Animal Behavior Society conference in Boulder, Colorado. This is a meeting where scientists and students working in all aspects of animal behaviour can get together, talk about their work, meet others in their field and share ideas. Having only been to the UK equivalent of this conference before, I [...]

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